Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I learned what a faction is: Complaint against Girl Scout Leader

I am madder that a red hedgehog.  If you have kids in GIRLSCOUTS, then you know the challanges of dealing with troop leaders.   There are good ones... and then there is....Cheri Fisher.  Just typing her name is causing waves of nausea. 
I just got off the phone after calling and talking to a "Support person"  for San Diego Imperial Gkirl Scouts.  This is where I learned the meaning of faction.  You may also say "clique".  When you go to complain agaist a sucky troop leader- you are told, "What?  She would never do that, she has really been trying to work with you etc...  When you provide proof, the proof is "turned around" so that the leader looks like the lamb, and you the lion.
I implore all of you with these "clique" propblems to contact me.  Tell me your story, lets get it off our chests.  lets gather the evidence and see where it goes.
If you look up "girl scout leader complaint", "troop leader complaint"...etc...  There is nothing except a small space to contact New York.  Even though we moms have "membership"  where is the process for "incident reporting"  or complaining"?  You wont find it.  They have all the rights, and you---none.
If you have had a bad experience with a troop leader, a clique, or other ...Contact me or write on this blog.  Maybe together we can do something.  I feel so helpless, like the enemy cant be fought.  They hurt me so bad!